Megjelent az Edius 4.1

Mától letölthető az Edius 4.01-es verzió.

[Added Functions]

Supported trimming using the mouse cursor in the trim window preview monitor.
Added buttons in trim window to select the trim point.
Added feature to remove the cut point (re- link divided clips).
Added "Display master clip" in the "Edit" menu, to show the original video in the Player window.
Changed the "Play the cursor area" "Play around cut point" command to loop play.

[ Fixed issues ]

Fixed errors when trying to copy a folder inside the bin window.
Fixed errors when trying to open a clip with 0 frame.
Fixed errors when trying to select a capture device while capturing on the same device.
Fixed errors when trying to play around the cut point in multicam mode (HD), when many cut points were set and filters were applied to the clips.
Fixed errors when trying to open the layout tool while using the Quick Titler.
Fixed errors with SpeedEncoder when exporting a hDV1080/29.97p project.
Fixed errors when scrubbing on certain MPEG2 clips.
Fixed errors when scrubbing/playback of VOB files with non-consistent PTS (time stamp) information.
Fixed errors in quick Titler when importing certain still image clips.
Fixed video noise issue in canopus Lossless Codec, when exporting from other applications via Video for Windows.
Fixed errors when dragging the mouse cursor from T track to VA track.